A lot has happened since my last update! Over the past year I…

  1. presented my tutorial on parallel Bayesian model comparison methods at MaxEnt 2018 in London,
  2. started writing my dissertation,
  3. finished writing my dissertation,
  4. successfully defended my dissertation,
  5. and graduated.

To celebrate, my wife, Mandy, and I took a week off during which we did some sightseeing in New Orleans and spent a few days with her family. Here’s a photo of us pretending to be fancy at Galatoires. galatoires

Now that I’ve graduated with my Ph.D. and taken some time off to recharge, it’s time to hit the ground running and find a job. In that spirit, I’ve updated this website, both in content and aesthetics. In addition to refreshing the existing sections, I’ve also added my industry-facing resume and academic CV, both of which can be found by clicking on the appropriate link the in the navigation bar at the top of the page.