R. Wesley Henderson


  • Parallelized model comparison and the Intel Xeon Phi

    This post is part of a series detailing my efforts to develop and implement Bayesian model comparison approaches on several parallel computing platforms. I’ll be giving a tutorial on this topic in July at MaxEnt 2018 in London.

    Over the past month or so, I have been working to get a nested sampling implementation, along with a simple example, working on an Intel Xeon Phi. We have a fairly old model, the 5110P, a 60-core model for which Intel just recently dropped support. While the timing is somewhat unfortunate, the principles required to run...

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  • There's a blog now

    I’ve added a blog! I’ve also started using the Jekyll static site generator to generate this website. It’s a nice option if you want a blog but don’t need all the features (and extra weight) provided by dynamic web software like Wordpress. Stay tuned!

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